Since 1995, I’ve been creating cutting-edge websites and leveraging technology to build a number of successful businesses. As a result, I’ve generated millions of dollars in revenue online. Here are some of the ways in which my insight and cutting edge thinking has led the way for others:

– Built my first website in 1995, one of 18,000 sites in the entire world – Built and sold one of the web’s first multiplayer game sites (now known as Yahoo! Games) – Created one of the world’s first coupon sites at in 1999 – Was the first person to publish a book on how to make money with Google AdSense (2005) – Was the first Internet marketer to have a New York Times Best-seller in The AdSense Code (2006) – Created and hosted the world’s first competitive Internet reality show (2007) – Saw the potential of Twitter and wrote the world’s best-selling book on using Twitter for business (2009) – Saw the potential of the iPhone and had one of the first 1000 apps in the appstore, and had a #1 best-selling app for over 3 weeks

As you can see, from AdSense and social media to online video and iPhone apps, I have been on the leading edge of “what’s hot” for 18 years.

Now, I am inviting you to join my Inner Circle and be a part of an elite group of entrepreneurs who wish to learn from my experience… and from my ability to predict “the next big thing.”

With monthly member’s only group tele-seminars and a private Facebook group, you will discover the latest opportunities and receive business direction in a way that only a private mastermind group can deliver. I’m looking for smart people who want to do cool things that are serious about growing their business. And I’m making it easy to say yes to the biggest no-brainer I’ve ever offered!

Your monthly membership includes:

circle-trustMonthly Group call – I’ll reveal the business models that I am pursuing RIGHT NOW! This isn’t old, outdated material. I will provide my current thinking on online marketing, mobile marketing, social media and more. You’ll discover the trends I am monitoring and the strategies I am implementing. This is a FRONT ROW SEAT into my own business!

Monthly Interview with a Leading Expert – My rolodex is PACKED with incredible people bringing great value to the world. I’m directly connected to legends of online marketing, social media and business, including Armand Morin, Jeff Walker, Mark Joyner, Mari Smith, Chris Brogan, Brendan Burchard and many more. Each month I will deliver a one-hour call featuring a special guest who will deliver the goods. With each call, you will receive massive value that you will be able to use in your business.

privatefbPrivate Facebook Inner Circle page – You’ll have the opportunity to engage with me and your Inner Circle peers in this special member’s only page. And remember, what is said in the Inner Circle, STAYS in the Inner Circle. Let’s build your business together!

Free bonuses! – I have FILLED the bonus page with over two dozen ebooks and special reports. You’ll be the first to receive my latest materials.

AdSense Premier - vol 1-4 -  cds - adsense codeFree Training Materials! Originally selling for as much as $1997, my training materials have helped thousands of people to build an online revenue stream. All Inner Circle members receive unlimited access to the best of my AdSense Premiere, Secret Classroom and Elevate Blueprint online business systems!
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